Thursday, January 19, 2017

Common Courtsey

Just going to put this out there as we all have blogs for different reasons, and enjoy visitors.  I started mine solely to just track my personal journey back to sewing.  We all have different styles, views and personalities, and thats what I love about readings others blogs, as well as inspiration!

Enjoy visitors, comments, can can even take constructive criticism.  Why I welcome someone telling me that my outfit looks like clown clothes.  But what I can't accept is when someone attacks someone personally.  My style right now while its not couture, its my style and fits my life.  There is a reason why I approve comments before they are  posted, and this is the reason.  So with that said....please when visiting someone's blog....common courtsey....IF you can't say something nice..don't say nothing at all.

Sorry for the small rant...but just had to put this out there!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ending the Year with McCalls 6474 and Welcome 2017

Just a tad bit with sharing my last project of 2016, McCalls 6474.

My inspiration came from a Christmas shopping excursion and not wanting to pay the price of a night gown that I could make myself.  I wondered into Soma, and was admiring some very pretty soft night gowns, and thinking that I could wait until they went on sale.  Then a light bulb went off, and remembered a vibrant color soft DBP I had in my stash, and the exact pattern I would use McCalls 6747.  So off to home it was, and this is the result. Sorry photos kept mixing up, so here goes.

On the hem I decided to use a lettuce hem as well on the sleeves, just to give it a frilly touch. 
 So here is my version of McCalls 6474 (version D).  The pattern is marked easy, and yes it lives up to that.  I think from the time I parked my car, did my Christmas shopping, and made it home, I completed this in less time, so very easy indeed.  I cut my usual size out, and it was somewhat large one, but thats ok for a night gown.  I do think next time I will go down in size though. This will be a TNT pattern in the future, I can see some future pajamas made out of more DBP in my stash in the future.  

So thats a wrap for 2016

I'm ready for winter to be over, but I have 5 more projects that I want to complete, before I pull out my spring patterns and fabric.  Here is what I'm working on now to round out my winter sewing:

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater version 2 and Simplicity Joggers.  I have them cut out and ready to go so to be continued:

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Butterick 6388

Hello and long time since last entry!

A lot has been happening and not for the good again.  So to keep me focused off the issues, I will be doing so sewing therapy!

When I first saw Butterick 6388 it was love at first sight, and enjoyed seeing others version of view D.    I decided to make a wearable muslin, so I picked out some black, and a maroon/black liverpool contrast. Liverpool the modern day version of double knit, and I love the sturdiness/texture.  The pattern fit on me was spot on, however next time I think I will go down a size because it I want it a little more fitted.  On this version I omitted the pockets, I just felt they would be to bulky, and with my middle age spread, did not want to add to the attraction.  The construction was fairly simple, however during the construction, I had made a small blunder and it is slightly noticeable to the eye but I'm not going to say where.   This dress is so comfortable, just throw it on and go.  I have some left over fabric that I plan to make the best for another dress that is in the making.

I see a couple more versions of this in the future, but for now have other patterns I'm itching to sew.   If you haven't tried this pattern I suggest this to put on the top of your list.

Thank you for stopping by!  Till later

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kwik Sew K4169.....A New Go To Pattern

I have a new go to pattern Kwik Sew 4169, will it did not begin that way.  My first version was not so much a flop but with all the alterations, I got somewhat discouraged.  I cut the size out according to my size, and knew this would be a muslin, however I wanted a wearable muslin.  Well things don't usually turn out the way you want in construction, and sometimes its back to the drawing board.  My first version was way to big around the arm hole, and I had to take it up quite a bit, plus the waist line was way lower than what the picture showed.  I went back and forth, and I just decided to finish it, and be done.  So here is my first version, and its going to be finding a new home.  The waist does not sit at my waist like the pattern shows.  Very discouraged but...........

 Back to square one.  I cut out a smaller size, and the fitting was perfect.  The waist line is where it needs to me, and not the arm holes fit perfect, plus I did not need to take in the sides any.  So here is my new version, and I am very pleased.
 Its hard to see the details with this print, but trust me the waist line is correct.
 This is the perfect dress for Texas day its hot and the next there is a nip in the air.  So many different ways to pair it up.
 Getting geared up for Fall sewing and up next is Simplicity 1693.  There are different versions of this pull over top, I choose the basic neck line with the 3/4 sleeves.  On this pattern I did not have to make any alterations, I cut the size out per my measurments, and it was a perfect fit.  I have noticed Simplicity patterns are true to size at least for me.
 This is going to be another go to pattern, and I highly recommend it.
 Well I was back in New Orleans and I had to stop at one of my favorite fabric store.  It is always such a treat to stop there, and hard to spend to much money.  I'm on a budget, and so told myself I would only buy fabric that I did not have  or anything similar.
 I walked out with this beauty.  Thinking about making a wrap top out of it.  Any other suggestions are welcome.
I always enjoy visiting with Mr. Herbert, the owner he is full of so much history.  He told me a little tibbit....that is you use a tablespoon of white vinegar in the pre will keep the fabric from fading.  Will be trying this out when I prewash....have you heard about this before?  

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grandma's Bookcase: Before and After

Earlier, I shared an old brown book shelf that I got from my Grandma's estate.  It was a very dark brown (my kids refer to it as "cockroach" brown), so I stripped the cockroach brown, and gave her
a new life with an lighter color of antique white.  For the back I pulled of the back and replaced it with wainscoating also in the same color to give it more of a vintage look.  So here she is Faye (yes I know I named her after my grandmother using her middle name)

 On to my next project is an old vintage dresser.  I have been looking for a dresser that was 100 made of wood, and had a personality, however everthing I have found was out of my budget and just was not appealing to me.  So I came across this beauty at an estate sale at a steal of price.  The only thing its in the same dark brown, I think that must have been the in thing back then.

So stay tuned for the after pictures.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

PJ Party

Whats the best thing at the end of the day...comfy clothes to lounge around in.  Not the most exciting thing to sew, but thats ok.

What happens when  you have that piece of fabric you wonder what were you thinking when you bought it, and cross it with Simplicity 1355?  You get a groovy jumpsuit.  I used the top of D and the bottom of A, and the great thing was the fit on this pattern was spot on.  Usually there are so many adjustments, but not with this one.
Next up is McCalls 6848 view D shorts.

 Finally I used a vintage 70s Butterick 4819 for the tank top, and Butterick 6296 view C shorts.  I think this is going to be my new go to PJ pattern.  I love the fact that these shorts have pockets.

Just a recap of the patterns used :  Butterick 6296, McCalls 6848, Simplicity 1355, and vintage Butterick 4819

 Also, new to my sewing room is a new upcycled chair in sunshine yellow.  I wanted to brighten up my sewing room so I just gave a sad little chair a new coat of yellow paint.  How can you go wrong with yellow!
Well again not the most exciting sewing, but I love all my simple pieces.  Where has summer gone, I can't believe we are in fall, and I have so many summer sewing project cut out, but I'm ready to start my fall sewing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Two Sewaholic Fraser Sweatshirts

With purging my old workout shirts, I decided to start with a couple sweatshirts using the  Fraser sweatshirt pattern by Sewaholic.  It was a toss up between this pattern, and McCalls 6992 , but I decided on Sewaholic.  I made a size bigger, and did not make a muslin since I wanted the final
result to be a little baggy.  The Fraser has three different options, but I choose the plain jane option, as I knew the material I was going to use, would dress this up somewhat.  The pattern is pretty straight forward, so I did not look at the directions.  

For the first sweatshirt, I went with a spring green french terry fabric.  With the amount of stretch on this fabric, at the last minute decided to make my normal size.  

Sorry for the red eyes and swollen face, the allergies are really hitting me hard.  
Since I choose the basic pattern, I decided to use the wrong side of the fabric for the neck, sleeve, and waist band.  The pattern does not require topstitching, but I decided to topstitch to give a little more character.
For the second version of the same pattern, I choose another french terry, using a gray floral rose pattern, and for the bands,I used a contrast gray that matched the darker color of the rose pattern.
 For this one I decided to make a long sleeve one.  This material was a little lighter in weight.
 And my spoiled granddog Jack decided he needed some attention.
I am very pleased with the way both sweatshirts turned out, and they will be a nice addition to my new work out attire.

Thank you for stopping by!