Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kwik Sew K4169.....A New Go To Pattern

I have a new go to pattern Kwik Sew 4169, will it did not begin that way.  My first version was not so much a flop but with all the alterations, I got somewhat discouraged.  I cut the size out according to my size, and knew this would be a muslin, however I wanted a wearable muslin.  Well things don't usually turn out the way you want in construction, and sometimes its back to the drawing board.  My first version was way to big around the arm hole, and I had to take it up quite a bit, plus the waist line was way lower than what the picture showed.  I went back and forth, and I just decided to finish it, and be done.  So here is my first version, and its going to be finding a new home.  The waist does not sit at my waist like the pattern shows.  Very discouraged but...........

 Back to square one.  I cut out a smaller size, and the fitting was perfect.  The waist line is where it needs to me, and not the arm holes fit perfect, plus I did not need to take in the sides any.  So here is my new version, and I am very pleased.
 Its hard to see the details with this print, but trust me the waist line is correct.
 This is the perfect dress for Texas day its hot and the next there is a nip in the air.  So many different ways to pair it up.
 Getting geared up for Fall sewing and up next is Simplicity 1693.  There are different versions of this pull over top, I choose the basic neck line with the 3/4 sleeves.  On this pattern I did not have to make any alterations, I cut the size out per my measurments, and it was a perfect fit.  I have noticed Simplicity patterns are true to size at least for me.
 This is going to be another go to pattern, and I highly recommend it.
 Well I was back in New Orleans and I had to stop at one of my favorite fabric store.  It is always such a treat to stop there, and hard to spend to much money.  I'm on a budget, and so told myself I would only buy fabric that I did not have  or anything similar.
 I walked out with this beauty.  Thinking about making a wrap top out of it.  Any other suggestions are welcome.
I always enjoy visiting with Mr. Herbert, the owner he is full of so much history.  He told me a little tibbit....that is you use a tablespoon of white vinegar in the pre will keep the fabric from fading.  Will be trying this out when I prewash....have you heard about this before?  

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Grandma's Bookcase: Before and After

Earlier, I shared an old brown book shelf that I got from my Grandma's estate.  It was a very dark brown (my kids refer to it as "cockroach" brown), so I stripped the cockroach brown, and gave her
a new life with an lighter color of antique white.  For the back I pulled of the back and replaced it with wainscoating also in the same color to give it more of a vintage look.  So here she is Faye (yes I know I named her after my grandmother using her middle name)

 On to my next project is an old vintage dresser.  I have been looking for a dresser that was 100 made of wood, and had a personality, however everthing I have found was out of my budget and just was not appealing to me.  So I came across this beauty at an estate sale at a steal of price.  The only thing its in the same dark brown, I think that must have been the in thing back then.

So stay tuned for the after pictures.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

PJ Party

Whats the best thing at the end of the day...comfy clothes to lounge around in.  Not the most exciting thing to sew, but thats ok.

What happens when  you have that piece of fabric you wonder what were you thinking when you bought it, and cross it with Simplicity 1355?  You get a groovy jumpsuit.  I used the top of D and the bottom of A, and the great thing was the fit on this pattern was spot on.  Usually there are so many adjustments, but not with this one.
Next up is McCalls 6848 view D shorts.

 Finally I used a vintage 70s Butterick 4819 for the tank top, and Butterick 6296 view C shorts.  I think this is going to be my new go to PJ pattern.  I love the fact that these shorts have pockets.

Just a recap of the patterns used :  Butterick 6296, McCalls 6848, Simplicity 1355, and vintage Butterick 4819

 Also, new to my sewing room is a new upcycled chair in sunshine yellow.  I wanted to brighten up my sewing room so I just gave a sad little chair a new coat of yellow paint.  How can you go wrong with yellow!
Well again not the most exciting sewing, but I love all my simple pieces.  Where has summer gone, I can't believe we are in fall, and I have so many summer sewing project cut out, but I'm ready to start my fall sewing.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Two Sewaholic Fraser Sweatshirts

With purging my old workout shirts, I decided to start with a couple sweatshirts using the  Fraser sweatshirt pattern by Sewaholic.  It was a toss up between this pattern, and McCalls 6992 , but I decided on Sewaholic.  I made a size bigger, and did not make a muslin since I wanted the final
result to be a little baggy.  The Fraser has three different options, but I choose the plain jane option, as I knew the material I was going to use, would dress this up somewhat.  The pattern is pretty straight forward, so I did not look at the directions.  

For the first sweatshirt, I went with a spring green french terry fabric.  With the amount of stretch on this fabric, at the last minute decided to make my normal size.  

Sorry for the red eyes and swollen face, the allergies are really hitting me hard.  
Since I choose the basic pattern, I decided to use the wrong side of the fabric for the neck, sleeve, and waist band.  The pattern does not require topstitching, but I decided to topstitch to give a little more character.
For the second version of the same pattern, I choose another french terry, using a gray floral rose pattern, and for the bands,I used a contrast gray that matched the darker color of the rose pattern.
 For this one I decided to make a long sleeve one.  This material was a little lighter in weight.
 And my spoiled granddog Jack decided he needed some attention.
I am very pleased with the way both sweatshirts turned out, and they will be a nice addition to my new work out attire.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

When Life Throws You Lemons

When life throws you lemons, what do you do?  You make sweet lemonade and the best out of the situation(s).

My company that I work for was bought out by another company, and during the transition,everyone in the new Corp office said it would be "business as usual".  Well their "business as usual" basically translated into the elimination of my position (and 300 colleagues) .  This happened so fast and no warning, so my world was turned upside down.

But I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason.  So I shift things into first gear, and get the business that needs to get done, resume update, job searches ect needless to say "tighten the budget! Also, not to get into the "woe" is me attitude.  Plus I am appreciating the down time that is allowing me to do alot of things I put off.

First:  Sew

I have been participating in the Make a Garment a Month hosted by lovely SarahLiz from  The theme for Feburary was "Freaky Feburary", so for me it was PDF patterns.  I don't know what it was about a PDF pattern, but it was something that frazzled me out thinking about cutting and taping all those tiles together.  So I choose two easy projects:

My first one is was Colette Patterns Seamworks Monthly Magazine pattern:  Wembley Cropped Cardigan:  This pattern is as exactly as stated a Cropped Cardigan.  If you are not familiar with Seamworks by Coletts patterns, it is a monthly PDF magazine that you can subscribe for $6.00 a month, and you also get to pick out two patterns a month.  They claim that all of their patterns can be completed within 3 hours or less.

Getting back to my Wembley, I choose this pattern because I wanted a more fitted cardigan with a cropped waist for spring to wear with my sundresses or tops, nothing that would over power my outfit, and was perfect.  I have to say cutting and taping the pattern pieces was not all that bad, it felt more like I was back in the first grade art class.
 I choose a light weight knit that looks kind of like lace texture.  The pattern does run true to size so I cut out one size larger to give me extra room.  Instructions were pretty straight forward, and to be honest I don't think I looked at them but once.
 The sleeves are suppose to be 3/4 sleeves, but again being short they came to my wrist which is fine with me.  Length wise it hit right at my waste.  I can see a few more in my closet.
 Since I was on a roll, I decided to make the Warabi Kimono sleeve tunic by Waffle patterns.  What drew me to this pattern was the sleeves.  I did make a muslin, and I felt like this pattern ran just a little big, so I went down in size.  There are only 3 pattern pieces to this top, so it is an easy sew.  The instructions were very clear.  Instead of making my own bias tape, I just used premade bias tape.
 The front portion of the sleeve crosses over and I don't know if you can see seam connecting the bodice to the sleeve.

 Patterns used:  Wembley Cropped Cardigan and Warabi Kimono Sleeve Tunic.   One question, I do have is how do you store PDF patterns does one fold them as a regular pattern and store them in an envelope?
 Second:  Take that long over due Photo class that I have been putting off.    I have a nice little Cannon Rebel camera that I purchased over 3 years ago, and have been operation on "Auto" mode. Nothing wrong with Auto mode, but I wanted to know how to use the standard settings, how to set my own shutter speed, Fstop, and ISO.  Plus I wanted to learm more than the typical point and shoot techniques.  These were taken after my first class, I love this water picture, capturing the water coming off the rock, cleary.
 This poor little guy kept getting chased by dogs, and kids and all he wanted to do was enjoy the water.  Finally after taking alot of pictures of this little fellow, and with the help of long angle lens, I was able to capture him in decent photo.    I still have aways to go, but I'm off on a good start!
 Third:  Giving new life to my grandma's bookcase that I bought at her estate auction:   Not that I have anything against brown, but this thing had multi layers of brown, stain, and paint on it. The first step was stripping, and sanding, and boy was it a long process.
 This is what it looks like afterwards, I still have more work to do, but here is the before, and stay tuned for the after.
 Finally:  Time to start getting in shape and health.  Its easy to sit around, watch TV, sleep in late, but on the other hand, I felt that I was going to take time to get back in shape, eat healthier (I don't believe in the word DIET) and sew me some new work out clothes:  

So what is on the cutting board first is going to be two basic sweatshirts in light weight terry knit.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Back with a Successful McCalls 5579

Since my first time making 70s McCalls 5579 ended in disaster thanks to a sewing gremlin last year, I decided to make another one.  Some how my first top ended up with a hole in the middle of the fabric, guess I accidently nicked the material when I was trimming seams.   I made the top of this pattern, which was the sleeveless version with a cowl neck, a great staple piece.  If you are into 70s patterns, I have to recommend this one.  The top was suppose to have an elastic waist, however I decided to omit the elastic and do a straight hem.  Also, since I knew I wanted to do a straight seam, I added two inches when I cut the top out.
 After wearing this out and about today, I feel that I need to take in the sides some.  It seemed slightly boxy so will be taking in about 1/2 inches on the sides, and even more so at the waist to give it a little more fit.
 Will be making the top with the long sleeves as well.  Plus I'll be making the skirt, can see it now paired with boots for the winter time.
 The fabric is so busy, but its a cowl neck.  This neck line drapes so well. 
2016 is off to a good start! 

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

HELLO 2016............A New Start

Its been a while, and I decided in order for me to start the New Year off clean with a new start I should finish the projects that I started that were still lurking somewhere in my sewing space.  I
came up with 3 not so bad I thought and I could do this.  My answer was simple I would try to complete the project and if not then it would be tossed by Dec 31, 2015. 

PROJECT 1:  New Look 6378 Kimono top,  easy enough and for my daughter.  Well she did not like it and told me half way out it went.  Glad she told me before I finished it.

PROJECT 2:  Burda 7382 a pair of  basic black workout/leggings for me.  This was the first time I used a Burda pattern so I was not sure about the fit, so I cut out my size, and it was huge.  So I worked with this "so called" easy project, and got the elastic in however the fit was just not there.   I could have tried again to rework this project....but hey enough was enough.  I will give this pattern a try again, because I was drawn to the drawstring finish on the bottom.    Needless to out it went.    I decided to take a short cut with the elastic casing, and just attach the elastic to the waist then fold, and "stitch in the ditch".   After doing this, I decided never to stitch in the ditch again as I felt that would have made the garment feel cheap.

PROJECT 3McCalls 5579....a blast from the past 70s pattern.  I choose the "cowl neck " shirt.  The only reason I put this project off was because of the fabric.  It was a really slippery slinky knit, and was not sure if I really wanted to sew it up being so slippery.   However, I was on a mission to complete all of the projects I put off in 2015.  So off I went, and actually it was not as bad as I thought.  The pattern came along great, and I was getting ready to hem the blouse and I noticed:

Yes, somehow I accidently cut a hole in the material.  Don't know how it happened maybe when I was trimming the seams and the material shifted, but it did.  Talk about being upset because I really liked the way this was turning out.  The hole was in the middle of the shirt, and could not be salvaged.  On a positive note....will be sewing this pattern again.

So no new projects completed for HERES to 2016!!!