Wednesday, March 15, 2017


NO what did I do????

I was trying to arrange my posts, and I accidently hit the delete button............NO 

Hoping there is a way to get my posts back.  Checking with Bloglovin...lets hope I can retrieve
what my two left thumbs deleted.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Common Courtsey

Just going to put this out there as we all have blogs for different reasons, and enjoy visitors.  I started mine solely to just track my personal journey back to sewing.  We all have different styles, views and personalities, and thats what I love about readings others blogs, as well as inspiration!

Enjoy visitors, comments, can can even take constructive criticism.  Why I welcome someone telling me that my outfit looks like clown clothes.  But what I can't accept is when someone attacks someone personally.  My style right now while its not couture, its my style and fits my life.  There is a reason why I approve comments before they are  posted, and this is the reason.  So with that said....please when visiting someone's blog....common courtsey....IF you can't say something nice..don't say nothing at all.

Sorry for the small rant...but just had to put this out there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kwik Sew K4169.....A New Go To Pattern

I have a new go to pattern Kwik Sew 4169, will it did not begin that way.  My first version was not so much a flop but with all the alterations, I got somewhat discouraged.  I cut the size out according to my size, and knew this would be a muslin, however I wanted a wearable muslin.  Well things don't usually turn out the way you want in construction, and sometimes its back to the drawing board.  My first version was way to big around the arm hole, and I had to take it up quite a bit, plus the waist line was way lower than what the picture showed.  I went back and forth, and I just decided to finish it, and be done.  So here is my first version, and its going to be finding a new home.  The waist does not sit at my waist like the pattern shows.  Very discouraged but...........

 Back to square one.  I cut out a smaller size, and the fitting was perfect.  The waist line is where it needs to me, and not the arm holes fit perfect, plus I did not need to take in the sides any.  So here is my new version, and I am very pleased.
 Its hard to see the details with this print, but trust me the waist line is correct.
 This is the perfect dress for Texas day its hot and the next there is a nip in the air.  So many different ways to pair it up.
 Getting geared up for Fall sewing and up next is Simplicity 1693.  There are different versions of this pull over top, I choose the basic neck line with the 3/4 sleeves.  On this pattern I did not have to make any alterations, I cut the size out per my measurments, and it was a perfect fit.  I have noticed Simplicity patterns are true to size at least for me.
 This is going to be another go to pattern, and I highly recommend it.
 Well I was back in New Orleans and I had to stop at one of my favorite fabric store.  It is always such a treat to stop there, and hard to spend to much money.  I'm on a budget, and so told myself I would only buy fabric that I did not have  or anything similar.
 I walked out with this beauty.  Thinking about making a wrap top out of it.  Any other suggestions are welcome.
I always enjoy visiting with Mr. Herbert, the owner he is full of so much history.  He told me a little tibbit....that is you use a tablespoon of white vinegar in the pre will keep the fabric from fading.  Will be trying this out when I prewash....have you heard about this before?  

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Polka Dot Saltspring

So this is my very first Saltspring sundress and was so excited to get started.  This year I decided to not  purchase anymore patterns or fabric and to shop my stashes both fabric and pattern.  For my fabric stash I decided to use up my fabric that I had the longest.  Quirkey I know, but I've got a system. 

With the hot humid Texas spring upon us, I decided to pull out Sewaholic Saltspring pattern and pair it up with a jersey knit black and white polka dot fabric. The Sewaholic Saltspring dress is a fully lined bodice, elastic waste dress with a flared skirt with spaghetti straps Before I cut the pattern out I decided to look at Pattern Review to if the pattern ran large, ect.  I did see that some had omitted the zipper to due the blouseness of the pattern.  I decided to cut out my normal size pattern, however had to down size as I was sewing the pattern.  Omitting the zipper was something I also did since this had plenty of ease in the patterni itself.  Something else I decided not to put in this dress was the pockets.  Since I'm only 5' tall and this pattern had a semi-full skirt, I did not want any bulk arount my waste/hips. 

 The dress can be made as a maxi too.
 The spaghetti straps measured 26 1/2 inches long.  For me that was a bit long so I cut off 9 inches and that was perfect.
 Over all I'm quite satisfied with how the dress turned out.  I think I'm going to take in the bodice about 1 inch on each side.  For me it just feels a little big under the arms and on the sides. 
 Fullness of the skirt, purfect.  I'm not a fan of full skirts, so this works for me.
Over all I'm pleased with this dress, and am sure I'll be wearing it alot.  With the classic black and white polka dots, I can see me wearing my pearls with this.

Thats all I have for now....let me know what you think. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays and a Picture Says It ALL

Happy Holidays everyone....its a day after Merry Christmas and a few days before New Years.  Its been busy around my household everyone put in their orders for homemade goodies sewn and cooked.  I even ventured out this year with my daughters and made my dad's famous peanut brittle that he use to make for us every Christmas.  Its funny how you don't realize how the smallest things mean the most, and how I missed his peanut brittle. 

This year for Christmas I decided to sew a small Christmas quilt throw for my daughter Jacqueline
since she and her husband are now homeowners.  The quilt also had some fabric that was sentimental to her husband Erik which was from the estate of one of his Great Aunts that passed away a year ago.  When this precious lady passed away, they had no seamstress in the family, so I was gifted some wonderful vintage fabric.  This was also my first quilt type sewing, so I was not confident is the construction.  After it was completed, I knew it had the possibly of being re-gifted which was fine with me. You see, Erik's Grandma is the sister of the Aunt that passed away and she had been dearly missing her sister.  I told Jacqueline to do what she wanted that I could always make her another since I have more material and I could alway make her another one.  Well a picture says a million..this is Grandma with the throw

When my daughter sent me this picture in a text with the following "she won't put it down, she just keeps crying and this was sent to me by Debbi (her sister).  Of course I was shopping for the last minute Christmas gifts, when I saw this I started squalling...I bet I was a sight to see...but at the moment I did not care...after all for me this is what Christmas is about love, family, and precious memories~

So Belated Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Years my friends!  HAPPY SEWING 2015 lets see where this year take us!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Cardi and Reflection

Don't you just love when you complete a garment and you are so excited about it?  Well I completed another (yes another and there well be more) McCalls 6844 Cardi.  I love this pattern which is such a great staple piece, and the fabric I used a soft stretch spruce color knit that I purchased from JoAnne's.  This is the type of fabric that you purchase as certain yardage, and then if you are like me put it in your stash to use at a later date, but when you use it you wish you had purchased more of the fabric.  Well I knew when I purchased it I wanted to make a cardi and a pencil skirt as a set.  However, the next day I went back and purchased an additional 3 yards to make a dress.  Yes I love the fabric that much super soft, lovely color, and the texture!

The first time I made this cardi I cut a medium, and felt it was to big, so this time cut a small and it was perfect.

So comfy, and will be wearing alot this year

 Peplum back which adds to what I like about this pattern.
A match made in heaven soft, beautiful color, and texture.

Time for reflection since its been just little over a year that I started my blog to gauge my sewing.  I've not sewn as much as I would have wanted and most of it was due to discouragement due to the new sizing of today's patterns and my rustyness (is there such a word).  But I have a great support system out of you my sister fellow bloggers, and I wish could give you all a big hug.  After, I posted my "Throw Back Thus" picture, I realized the feeling that I missed about sewing...the feeling of pride of a job well done and would be happy wearing what I made.  Alot of people say you can't go by feeling, but for me it make sense.  How can I wear something that I made if I'm not thrilled with, so with this said I'm going to pick a pattern that I want to sew or fabric that speaks to me and will look through my pattern statsh until I have that exact feeling (hey it works for me).  This last year I felt like I have rushed myself by just picking a pattern and fabric and sewed away which left me feeling "" and not wanting to wear the end product.  Yesterday, I read a blogger Sarah Liz that I truly admire talk about how she pitched alot of what I felt like was just so so projects for a fresh start.  So, after looking back this year, I have bagged up all of my SO SO projects and found them a new home.  I only kept 3 things that I'm please with and can proudly wear!  So here is to a new year for me and a new attitude adjustment! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday.....and I Mean WAY BACK

I was going through some old photos...and I found this photo of me WAY back in the day.  This was taken at my Sophomore year sewing class fashion show.  I sewed the jacket and pants...I loved this outfit.  The fabric was brushed denim in faded blue and the pattern was so detailed.  I even had to install D-rings and tabs.  Look how young I was and the terrified look on my face.  We had to walk the run way but I must say I looked good! 

Those were the days...but I have to say I am back into my sewing groove.  I have two McCalls 6844 Cardis completed and am so pleased with the way turned out.  Will put pics up when I can get my photographer to take some pics.